Nayanthara’s Kartavyam Movie Review


Actors: Nayanthara, Vyganes, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi, Mahalakshmi

Producers: Sarath Marar, R. Ravindran

Directed by: Gopi Nainyar Music: Gibran

Currently, she is more interested in acting in the top heroines lady-oriented films. Vijayasanthi was once a light-hearted superstar. Nayanatara is doing the same now. Nayanatara’s heroine in successive successes in Oriya Movies is a success. Tamil cinema aaram is now in Nayanthara’s lead role.

Tamil Nadu has achieved great success and the movie is dubbed with the title ‘Kartavavya’ in Telugu. Tamil Nadu is a big success and the film is about to see the viewers to go to the review.

Story:Village villages around Nellore district, including Velanadu village, will suffer without drinking water. Drink too much for drinking water. At the same time, Donsika, a four-year-old village councilor, Madhavarshini (Nayantara) who took over as Nellore district collector is aware of the matter and goes to the spot and makes many attempts to protect that baby. But after all attempts are failing, she will take an unexpected decision. With that decision she has to face many difficulties. What is the decision that the original Madurai took? What are the problems faced by Madhu then? How did the baby survive in the end? If you know these things, let’s see the film.

Analysis:Nayantara has shown his credibility in the film. The film is full of nayanathara character. There is no doubt that Nayantara’s role in a role as a powerful collector has given life to the role. The actors who appeared in other roles are from all Tamil cinema, but do not feel so in dubbing.

Director Gopi Nainair explained the difficulties of people suffering water. In many rural areas, people are suffering from water for such a drink. Director Gopi Nainur took a good story and directed the film to add emotion scenes to the story. The director has directed the film to make sure that this is happening in our town, but it is the problems that we are experiencing. At the same time, the neglect of government employees and politicians were also pointed out. The background music provided by Zibran gave the film a level of cinematic status. Some of the scenes that the audience are unaware of. The cinematography is great. Editing is not good. Especially the construction values are good.


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