‘Naduve Antaravirali’ is appreciated by critics


Aishani Shetty Performance was too good and her movie was released and big hit now aishani Shetty was happy that all theaters housefull.  The storyline of the film is the disturbance of teenage minds.

The college youth and young women should see the film ‘Naduve Antaravirali’. The movie ‘Naduve Antaravirali’ is a good response from the audience to the famous Paramesh mainstream. Also, did critics like the movie?

Here is the answer to this question. Here’s a collection of reviews from ‘Naduve Antaravirali’ among the popular newspapers in Karnataka, Read More …

‘Naduve Antaravirali’ Review: Vijaya Karnataka

There are many reasons to like the movie. Hero (famous), Heroine (Aishani Shetty) acting innocence. Non-glorious characters. Artists who are in the role. Fine storyline. The age-appropriate dialogue, one of the stories in the story, is music. This can be done by listening. Then a young couple who climbed college stepped up. That’s what love is. Attraction is a threat to their lives. The story of the cinema is the grooming and effect of the respective families. Illustrated with the situation, villain. This is the plus point of the film – Sharanu Hullur

‘Naduve Antaravirali’ Review: Vishwavani

Cinema story, screenplay, or narrative can not be expected too new. The story of the film, in some scenes, appeared in 2001, and the other shades of images. If the first half of the film goes faster, the interval of the film will be slightly higher than the viewer. The film’s story, screenplay, and narrative can not be expected of any new experiment – GS Karthika Sudhan

‘Naduve Antaravirali’ Review: KannadaPrabha

By the time the movie climax takes place, the caterpillar’s eye gets wet. If you write a line about the Interview It is a love that is born at an early age. There are two minds behind such love, dreams, prospects, conflict of two families, there is a villain between, the caste has caste and floor walls – R Keshavmurthy

Naduve Antaravirali Review – Times of India

The music of the film is one of its biggest plus points. Aishani Shetty impresses as the pregnant teenager, with her multitude of emotions. Prakhyath Paramesh is also aptly cast for his role. The ensemble cast lift the film with their performances. The two who steal the show among the cast are Achyuth Kumar and Tulasi Shivamani, especially in the second half – Sunayana Suresh

Simple can be engrossing – Bangalore Mirror

It is a common enough boy-meets-girl story. In the hands of director Raveen Kumaara it transforms into an engrossing tale. He shows that without resorting to over-dramatisation and commercial buffoonery, simple stories can be entertaining. It is easy to imagine a run-of-the-mill climax for such a story. But Naduve Antaravirali stands apart for exactly the reason that it is not one of them – Shyam Prasad S

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