Saamy2 Movie Review Vikram hoped of scoring a blockbuster with action entertainer

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Saamy Telugu is the most awaited and anticipated of the versatile actor Vikram.The movie revolves around an honest cop who crosses paths with law breaker and locks horns with him. The rest of the story is how the cop manages to eliminate this law breaker and how he does it.

Saamy Telugu Movie Details:
Cast: Vikram, Aishwarya, Keerthy Suresh

Director: Hari

Producers: Thameems Films

Songs: Devi Sri Prasad

The story revolves around Ramsaamy played by Vikram, an IAS aspirant who is working as Front office for a Central minister. The minister’s daughter Keerthy Suresh falls in love with Ramasaamy and proposes her love to him. There are flashes of the previous version of Saamy(2003) wherein Aarusaamy, the honest cop brings an end to the brutal reign of Perumal Pichai. Aarusaamy’s wife Bhuvana then reveals her aim to be an IAS. Aarusaamy encourages her to pursue her dream. A couple of years later Ravana Pichai (Bobby Simha) tries to learn the whereabouts of his father, Perumal Pichai. Learning that his father’s death was caused by Aarusaamy, he kills him. After about 28 years, Ravana Pichai then establishes himself and operates from Delhi. Ramasaamy who aims to be an IAS, gets inspired and after multiple encounters and thrilling experiences on interaction with Policemen, he chooses to be an IPS instead. He gets posted in Nellai and from thereon is how he managed to bring down the empire of Ravana Pichai.


  • Vikram, even after a gap of 15 years between Saamy 1 and Saamy Telugu, he did an exceptional job as a cop.
  • Bobby Simha did a pretty good job as the typical antagonist.
  • Keerthy Suresh did an exceptional job as the female lead of this movie.


  • Brilliant performers.
  • Devi Sri Prasad Music gave it a fresh burst of energy.
  • Good camera work.


  • The story is a total repetition of Saamy 1 and that fact cannot be ignored throughout the movie.
  • It needed a fresh burst of energy as it was a complete drag and fell flat on all the elements that make up a good cinema.
  • Soori’s comedy is quite outdated and was not so hilarious and that is one more element that goes down.

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