PV Sindhu Says Will pick and choose tournaments next year


After Saina Nehwal and Caroline Marin slammed the Badminton World Federation for a cramped schedule next year, PV Sindhu said that she is going to pick and choose tournaments after planning with her coach.

Speaking at a pimgs conference ahead of her Premier Badminton tie against Mumbai Rockets, Sindhu said, “The calendar has already come out so we cannot say we won’t play. Of course its a very tough schedule with World Championship, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. I am going to pick and choose tournaments and plan with the coach accordingly.”

The BWF has been under fire since it made mandatory for top shuttlers to play at least 12 tournaments in a revamped schedule for 2018. On demands of inclusion of tournaments like the tennis Grand Slams, Sindhu said, “I cannot comment about someone else, how they prepare for the tournament and they can’t say about me. Some tournaments maybe are important for others while some are important for me.”

She also criticised the experimental service law for being implemented at the wrong time. The new rule states that the whole of the shuttle
should be below 1.15 metimg from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket. “From my side its just that it could have come at a better time. A different tournament instead of the All England Championships because it is a very pimgtigious tournament for everybody,” Sindhu said. “As far as my service goes I am trying but it should not be much of problem. We just need to practice it out,” she said.

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