Stalker Says ‘Lightning’ confirmed my love for Sara Tendulkar


A 32-year old man who was arrested in West Bengal for stalking candid fable Sachin Tendulkar’s babe Sara Tendulkar has accustomed a camp acumen for his inappropriate action.
Debkumar Maity said that he was guided by “lightning” to abatement in adulation with Sara Tendulkar.
He said that he fell in adulation with Sara afterwards watching her on TVand absitively to ally her afterwards “lightning confirmed” his adulation for the 20-year-old girl.
He additionally fabricated a boom on his wrist which apprehend” Deb and Sara” in 2011.

Earlier account letters had said that the man had got authority of the Tendulkars’ landline cardinal and had fabricated about 20 calls.
In the calls, he anesthetized bawdy comments about Sara and alike threatened to kidnap her.
Sara had lodged a complaint adjoin Maity at Mumbai’s Bandra badge base afterwards which the badge arrested him.
Maity’s family, on the added hand, claimed his “mental instability” abaft the action.The ancestors said that he was ability analysis for the accomplished eight years.
Police are meanwhile attractive into how Maity got the landline cardinal and whether he is mentally ambiguous or not.

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