Surprisingly, it’s a surprise to hear the rent offered by Virat in Mumbai.


India captain Virat Kohli has tweeted his home picture in Mumbai after returning from South Africa. Then it was said to be their home. But sources say that this is not the home that Virat bought for. Instead they are hiring it. They pay Rs 15 lakh every month for this house. Virat bought home in Worli in 2016. Then it got Rs 34 crores.
It is said that it will take time to make a home now. So Virat and Anushka are living in this new home.

This flat is located on Annie Besant Road. Its carpet area is 2675 square feet. Recently, Virat tweeted his photo. According to DNA, Kohli has paid Rs 1.50 crore to the already-appointed flat. In addition, they also paid a stamp duty of Rs 1.01 lakh.

Kohli has booked Flat at the Onkar apartment in Worli in 2016, but the flat is not yet ready. Kohli’s 7,000 sq ft flat will be fully equipped in 2019. Until then, Anushka and Kohli are in rent flats. He has rented a 2675 square foot flat for 24 months, which is located on the 40th floor of the Rahieja Legend Building in Worli.
This flat is rented for 24 months. There is a deal between Rahul Rahi and Virat Kohli. However, Anushka Sharma has addressed a resident address.

Kohli recently posted a sea-scene picture on social media, which he saw in his rented flat balcony. In that post, if you have such a wonderful scene on your home balcony, you’d like to leave it.

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