Weightlifter Sanjita who gained India’s second medal

Picture Credits: Agencies

Weightlifter Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu has introduced India a second gold medal on the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

Within the ladies’s part 53kg, 24-year-old Chanu bagged a complete of 192 kgs. Chanu of Manipur has gained a gold medal of 84 kg and a snapshot of 108kg within the clear and jerk section.

The Papua New Guinea Louwa Dica Powa Silver, which has a weight of 182 kg and Canada’s Rachel Leblanc Bazinet bronze with a weight of 181 kg.

Sanjita Chanu, who participated in the ladies 48kg class in 2014, had come to the affiliation with the promise of a medal-winning this time. Chanu was inducted into the final yr’s Commonwealth Weight Lifting Convention.

Chan began weighing 81 kg and recorded a file set of 83 and 84 kg respectively within the subsequent try, and entered the clear and jerk with a further three kg additional.

Within the 53 kg class of the Commonwealth Senior Weightlifting Championship, Chanu entered the Commonwealth Games with a weight of 195 kg.

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