Acer launches Predator Orion 9000 gaming desktop in India


Taiwanese accouterments and electronics cast Acer on Wednesday launched its “Predator Orion 9000” gaming desktop in India.

Starting at Rs 319,999, the gaming desktop appearance able Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition processors with up to 18 cores and 36 accoutrement and up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti cartoon cards, the aggregation said in a statement.

It is the aboriginal gaming desktop with Intel’s Core i9 Extreme Processor and Optane Memory to be accessible in India, the account added.

“We are captivated to acceptable to our gaming armory the iconic ‘Predator Orion 9000’ gaming desktop,” said Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India.

The gaming desktop additionally appearance aqueous cooling and Acer’s IceTunnel 2.0 to accumulate the temperature bottomward while the bold heats up.

IceTunnel 2.0 is an avant-garde airflow administration band-aid that separates the arrangement into several thermal zones, anniversary with an alone airflow adit to belch heat, the account added.

“With the barrage of this, we accept confused a footfall afterpiece to our charge of carrying the best gaming articles for gamers at every level,” Panigrahi said.

The “Predator Orion 9000” is accessible at baddest Croma food and Acer Exclusive stores.

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