Amazon India 6,500 Vacancies In Bengaluru, Hyderabad others cities


In a major development in terms of jobs and employment, e-commerce giant has created over 6,500 temporary jobs for its mega sale later this month. will host its Great Indian Sale from January 20–24, 2018.

More than 5,500 of these seasonal positions have been created across Amazon India’s network of fulfilment centres, sortation centres and delivery stations, Amazon India Vice President (Customer Fulfilmefulfilmentaxena said.

He added that another 1,000 associates have been added to the company’s customer service sites to cater to higher customer demand expected during the sale period.

“This enhancement will be instrumental in driving an exceptional experience during the upcoming Great Indian Sale. These thousands of associates will help in augmenting our capabilities to serve our customers better and enable us to deliver consistently high levels of customer experience,” Amazon India Vice President (Customer Fulfilment) Akhil Saxena said.

These positions have been created in metros as well as cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru, among others.

Amazon India Vice President (Customer Fulfilment) Akhil Saxena added the company’s service partner stations have also hired additional seasonal associates to enable faster deliveries during the sale.

Locked in an intense battle for leadership in the Indian e-commerce market with local rival Flipkart, has been aggressively invested in expanding its infrastructure and delivery capabilities. It has 41 fulfillment centres (warehouses), over 25 sortation centers, close to 150 delivery stations and 350 service partner stations across the country. These facilitate in pickups, packing, shipping and delivery of orders. Amazon India also has 13 customer service sites across 12 cities. The US-based company has committed an investment of over USD 5 billion in the Indian market and has already pumped in a significant portion of that amount.

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