Google Chrome is Blocking ads in Chrome Application

Google Chrome Logo
Image Credit: Google

This information is from chromium blog, Chrom Developers are Customizing the chrome application, Ads on webpages could be easily disabled, and virtually all popular internet browsers include third-party extensions/add-ons that prevent advertisements from getting loaded. Nevertheless, if you are using Google Chrome, it appears soon you won’t need to bother with utilizing a third-party solution so you can get rid of ads.

Through a post on the state weblog of the Chromium project, July 9 Google has announced that starting, its Chrome browser will minimize showing ads online (whatever the region they are hosted out of) that repeatedly serve disruptive ads.

It’s worthy of mentioning that Google Chrome comes after Better Ads Standards, a couple of specifications produced by the Coalition for Better Advertisements, a business consortium dedicated to enhancing the browser encounter for customers.

These specs outline twelve types of disruptive advertisements (mixed across desktop and cellular) that diminish browsing knowledge for users. A few of these advertisements include auto-play advertisements with audio/video and full-screen scroll over advertisements.

Google has also introduced Advertisement Encounter Statement, a digital device that can be utilized by site owners/publishers to understand if Chrome has detected any disruptive advertisements on their internet site. If discovered, the same tool may also be used to check the result of Chrome’s review of advertisements on those websites, and competition against the review results.

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