Google New Year 2018 Wishing The World On Google Search Engine Doodle


Google Search Engine New Year Pics On Google Doodle

Today, Google celebrates New Year’s Eve 2017 with a doodle featuring its “feathery friends”. As per the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is the last of the year. Celebrated by people all over the world, the celebrations vary across countries and cultures. Often with fireworks and parties, New Year’s Eve is probably the most widely celebrated holiday worldwide. As people bid 2017 a goodbye, they look forward to a new year which symbolizes new beginnings.

The Google doodle features penguins and parrots which have enjoyed their delicious traditions and are now ringing in the New Year with sparklers in hand. As they all admire the fireworks overhead, they think about how much fun it was to spend this time together.

The search engine celebrated the holiday season with a series of doodles. Since New Year’s Eve is a time spent with family and friends, the Google doodle shows the penguins carrying gifts, and meeting and dining with friends. Among other things, people mend old quarrels, set new goal and donate to charity during this time of the year. The holiday is a happy occasion that is brought in with parties, get-togethers and joyous celebrations.

Google celebrated New Year’s eve 2016 with a doodle featuring impatient colourful balloons sharing the eager anticipation of counting down to midnight. As the countdown begins, close to midnight on December 31, people get together with fireworks to usher in the New Year. The celebrations are seen across the world, in different time zones, as a promising new year begins.

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