IBM unveils the world’s smallest computer Rs.7 or 0.10cents

Picture Credits: Agencies

IBM unveils the world’s smallest computer on the first day of its annual conference. This smallest computer is smaller than weighed.The computing power of this mini computer is similar to the 1990’s x86 chip and can not be said to be the most efficient chip currently.

There are millions of transistors in this world’s smallest computer, which is the result of the company’s Crypto Ioner program. This crypto rector operates as a safe digital watermark and has the ability to duplicate fake products.

These mini computers are the lowest 10 cents, approximately Rs.7

7 Rs. IBM has the intention to make it available. According to IBM Research Head Arvind Krishnan, cryptographic rings can be in a very small size of a small grain in the next five years. There is also a possibility of a large number of mini-computers being produced in the near future.


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