Iphone Crashes for Telugu Bug and Fixes the Apple


Apple has seem a brand new iOS eleven.2.6 amend that has a fix for the bug that’s inflicting iPhones and apps like Facebook and WhatsApp to blast back a Telugu distinct look is accustomed via iMessage. The bug was apparent aft day associate degreed involves causing the looks in Telugu to accessories that crashes an iPhone and makes apps like Messages, Facebook courier and WhatsApp inaccessible. The bug to boot affects expedition and also the inherent Messages app on macOS and also the Apple Watch.
“Apple seem updates for watchOS, tvOS, and macOS to prevent the blast from accident on those platforms, too,” The Verge seem on Tuesday.

When the Telugu look is beatific in associate degree iMessage, it will dull up absolutely the Messages app on all of an individual’s waterproof and iOS devices. The Messages app can once more trash to action fittingly till the behind look is removed by deleting the chat with the being United Nations agency beatific it. In some things, if the looks is beheld through associate degree iOS notification, it will account absolutely the accent to crash.
Apple seem aft ages that the accessible Apple iOS eleven.3 amend can action look that offers users adroitness to control their batteries, increased Reality (AR) advancement and Animoji. “This spring, iOS 11.3 can bear provocative new means that to acquaintance increased Reality on iPhone and iPad, new Animoji on iPhone X and also the adroitness to look bloom annal within the Bloom app,” Apple had aforesaid earlier.

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