iPhone users can watch YouTube videos directly inside WhatsApp


If your friend sends a YouTube link to you on WhatsApp, you will no longer have to move out of the messaging app to watch it. You can now watch YouTube videos directly inside WhatsApp.

YouTube clip will play inside a small floating window inside your WhatsApp screen. The new feature is available only for iOS users. There is no news as to when the feature will come to Android or Windows users.

First spotted by WABetaInfo –a website that tracks WhatsApp Beta programmes –users need to update their WhatsApp version to the 2.18.11 update on Apple App Store, that brings bug fixes and general improvements, in order to remotely receive the activation of this feature.

To view a YouTube video on WhatsApp, users simply have to share or receive the URL in a chat and they will see the play button in a bubble.

Earlier, when users clicked on the link, the YouTube video would open in YouTube app installed on the smartphones.

“Fortunately, WhatsApp has worked to allow videos not to be stopped when the user changes the chat,” WABetaInfo said.

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