Less Than 7mm Thick Samsung New Mobile Phone

samsung mobile phone

Samsung has apparently broken the 7mm thickness record by developing the SGH-X820, a 6.9mm thin candy bar form factor phone along the lines of the L6/L7 SLVR from Motorola.

The phone also manages to pack in a 262k color display, 80 MB of memory, 2-megapixel digital camera and an MP3 player. Not much other info is available, but it doesn’t seem to have a memory card slot like the D600 or D800 series. The SGH-X820 is expected to be showcased at Sviaz Expocomm 2006, a technology and communications fair in Russia this week.

The phone will see a European release later this month, followed by a Chinese release in June. Pricing details have not been disclosed yet.

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