Missing Zuckerberg! Where is The Hashtag “Zuckerberg” Viral


FaceBook founder Zuckerberg, the world’s largest social networking site, is now the central point of the data stolen scandal by Cambridge Analytica, and the suspension of the investigation hangs on its scalp.

London: The London-based data mining agency has allegedly sold over 5 million Facebook users for political reasons, alleging that it was illegally sold to Cambridge Analytics. The House Committee has suggested that all the allegations of “Zuckerberg” be given to Ame in the Congress.

But in the meantime, Zuker Berg is missing from the social networking as the case unfolds. He has surrendered to silence without any further response to the allegation. The hashtag, also known as “Zuckerberg”, is also viral on the social networking site, in the wake of increasing pressure from the US Congress, including the summons.

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