Promises discounts on some the top smartphones of 2017 Flipkart’s ‘Mobile 2018 New Year-Sale’


Flipkart has released details about its upcoming “Mobile 2018 New Year-Sale”. The sale includes significant discounts on some of 2017’s best smartphones.

Before we list out the deals, however, it bears mention that as usual, the Flipkart’s discounts aren’t as spectacular as the ads make out. Also as usual, Amazon ends up offering lower prices on many of the products.

For example, Flipkart is claiming a discount of around Rs 20,000 on the Pixel 2 by ignoring the current market price and also counting an HDFC credit card EMI cashback that is only available to HDFC bank customers. The final price that Flipkart is offering is a Pixel 2 (review) for Rs 39,999. For non-HDFC bank customers, however, the price is Rs 47,999 on 3 January. Amazon is already selling the phone at an official price of Rs 47,299 without any discount.

The same is the case with the Pixel 2 XL (review) sale, where the phone will be available to regular users at Rs 64,999. HDFC bank customers will see an additional Rs 8,000 cashback. The same device is currently available on Amazon for around Rs 65,000.

An exchange offer of up to Rs 18,000 is available on Flipkart, but we’ve noticed that these exchange offers usually undervalue the phone being exchanged. They can be a great option for those looking to quickly get rid of an old device, however.

Other deals include:

Rs 2,000 off on the Redmi Note 4 (review) and Xiaomi Mi A1 (review), bringing their prices to Rs 10,999 and Rs 12,999 respectively, a Moto C Plus (comparison) with 2 GB RAM for Rs 5,999, a Panasonic Eluga A3 (review) with 3GB RAM for Rs 6,999 and so on. These discounts amount to about Rs 2,000 off the current retail price of the phone.

The Moto G5 Plus (review) and Samsung Galaxy S7 (review) see a slightly larger discount of around Rs 3,000, with the former promised at Rs 9,999 and the latter at Rs 26,990. It must be noted that despite Flipkart’s claims to the contrary, both phones are normally available for around Rs 13,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively.

Thankfully, the company is at least offering a 50 percent buyback guarantee on the products, which is something that rivals don’t yet offer. The value of that offer, however, depends on the type of phone you’re buying.

Other offers include a flat Rs 2,018 off several models, likely in celebration of the new year.

Most of the sales go live at midnight and noon of 3 January and run till 5 January so be sure to check in at that time if you want to save a bit of cash. Be sure to first check out the discounts offered on competing sites, however.

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