Reliance JioPhones likely to get WhatsApp soon


Reliance JioPhones, which run on KaiOS, a Linux-based ablaze adaptable Operating System (OS), may anon get WhatsApp.

According to, a fan armpit that tests new WhatsApp appearance early, as of February 2018 KaiOS Technologies accept acquired abounding new partners, including Facebook that additionally owns the accepted messaging platform.

“After endlessly abutment for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 8, the Facebook-owned messaging belvedere is absorption to advance the app for this platform, accouterment an app for JioPhones,” the website said backward on Wednesday.

“We bethink WhatsApp will stop to abutment Nokia S40 on abutting December 31, abrogation the Symbian platform, but KaiOS will be accurate instead,” the website added.

KaiOS combines the able capabilities of a smartphone with the affordability of a basal handset.

“The highly-coveted amusing media app has fabricated its way to KaiOS-powered affection phones. This affiliation supports admission to Facebook via a built-in KaiOS app, appropriately acceptance added users to affix with their accompany and families,” KaiOS wrote in a blog column aftermost month.

The OS originates from the Firefox OS open-source activity started in 2011 and has connected apart from Mozilla back 2016. KaiOS was aboriginal launched about in the US bazaar in 2017.

The adaptable OS supports 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS and is accordant with chipsets from above manufacturers.

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