Rs 153 plan now offers 1GB daily data for users Reliance Jio Phone


Reliance Jio Phone’s Rs 153 plan, which used to offer 500MB data per day, will now give customers double the data. Jio has increased the daily data limit in the Rs 153 plan for JioPhone to 1GB per day, which means a total of 28GB data for a validity of 28 days. Jio Phone also has two smaller sachet packs of Rs 24 (valid for 2 days) and Rs 54 (valid for 7 days), though these continue to offer 500MB internet per day.

Reliance Jio users should note that the Rs 153 recharge will only work if the SIM is inserted into a JioPhone. The plan is not valid for any other device. However, as we have already pointed out Jio Phone users can take advantage of other plans from the company, including the Rs 399 and higher if they want longer validity and more data on their feature phones. Jio recently slashed data rates across its prepaid plans.

Reliance Jio is now offering 1GB daily data at Rs 149 pricing which includes free unlimited voice calls (local and roaming) coupled with free unlimited SMS as well. It is also offering 1.5GB data per day packs, starting at Rs 198 and going up all the way to Rs 498.

Jio’s Rs 198 recharge gives customers 1.5GB data per day, which is 42GB data in total for a period of 28 days, more than the 28GB data that it used to offer earlier. Jio’s Rs 398 plan now has 105GB data for 70 days, while the Rs 448 plan will offer 126GB data. Once again the plans include free voice calls, unlimited SMS and access to Jio’s suite of apps.

Reliance JioPhone is a feature phone from the company with smart capabilities and 4G VoLTE support. It is powered by the KaiOS and comes pre-loaded with all Jio’s apps including JioTV, JioMusic, etc. However, this is a single-SIM feature and a customer can only use the Jio SIM on this device; no other network can be used on the JioPhone.

Currently the JioPhone is limited to apps from the company, though reports in the past have claimed Facebook and WhatsApp apps could make an appearance on it. The feature phone has an effective price of Rs 0, but there is a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,500 which can be claimed after three years on return of the device. Jio had also announced a cable TV connector for the JioPhone, which has not yet launched.

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