Tips To Improve The Wi-Fi Signal In Better Way


A few years ago, a series of cables were needed to be able to connect to the internet , which made the user’s life very difficult. When the Wifi Antennas for Long Range Coverage came up, everything got easier and faster, because through this technology, it is possible to connect to the network without the need of any wire.
The problem is that a lot of people have not switched their wireless connection because of the fact that most of the time the signal is not strong enough to cover the entire environment. But there are some solutions to this setback, and many of them can be made with materials that you already have in your own home.
Tips On How To Increase Best Long Range Wifi Antena
The first thing to do is to diagnose what is affecting your wireless signal. Review the location where the router is installed and look to move it to the central area of your home and / or office so that the network reaches all rooms.
Try to place the router at an elevated height, such as on a shelf. Dense metal walls, objects and furniture can affect signal quality, damaging the connection.
Another way to test the signal is by using mobile phones, tablets, or other wireless devices in order to know if the problem really is with the router or with your PC.
When the problem is on the computer, you should check the location where it is at the moment you are accessing. Places with many walls around, or even the floor, can receive a signal of poor quality. Try to leave it on a small table, without many things around.
The problem may also be in the wireless card driver of the PC. To work around this problem, always try to keep them up to date. If it does not, buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter .
If the problem really is on the router, check the channel in which it is connected in the settings panel (which can be accessed through an address described in the device manual). Change it, as there are often conflicts with the sign of neighbors.
Buying a more powerful wifi antenna can also solve your problem. But before that, check its compatibility with your router. To make sure it will work, take it to the store and ask which antennas are compatible with that model.
Another way, which may seem like a myth, but really works, is to direct the Wi-Fi signal to the side that you think is best. To do this, take a soda can, cut the top completely and the bottom leaving only a part to hold the sides. Then drill a hole in what would be the bottom of the can and dock your router, forming a sort of satellite dish. Direct this “best wifi antenna” to where you want a larger wireless signal.

If neither of these alternatives works and your signal still gets weak, the last alternative is to call a technician to assess the problem, you will probably have to buy a new router!

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