Twitter announces all-women speaker lineup at major tech event


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Twitter is hosting an event next month at one of tech’s largest global conferences that will feature only high-profile female speakers.

The company says the event is a response to the Consumer Electronic Show’s all-male lineup of keynote speakers, which has been sharply criticized.

Among those scheduled to appear for Twitter are General Electric (GE) marketing chief Linda Boff, Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant, and Comcast (CCVCL) senior vice president Myrna Soto.

CES takes place every year in Las Vegas and draws more than 180,000 people.

This year’s six keynote speakers are all men. The Consumer Technology Association, which produces CES, posted a blog post last week in response to criticism about its lineup.

“As upsetting as it is, there is a limited pool when it comes to women in these positions. We feel your pain. It bothers us, too. The tech industry and every industry must do better,” said Karen Chupka, a senior VP at the CTA, in a blog post last week.

Called #HereWeAre, the alternative event is being spearheaded by Leslie Berland, Twitter’s chief marketing officer and head of HR, who will also host. She announced the event on Twitter(TWTR) Monday morning.

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